Myles Haverluck

Your friendly Dauphin pharmacist.

Life can be Taxing

It is a busy world we live. We break ourselves trying to navigate through the morning grind and then push each other even further after work to make sure the kids get to soccer practice, and all the chores around the house are done. Some days are easier then others, like when the monotony is broken up by a variant activity that allows a person to forget that their lives are comparable to a hamster running on a wheel going no where. That’s why its important to not make your life so tedious. If tomorrow appears to just be a repeat of the previous day, maybe that’s the day you should do something else? Something that takes away the stress and doesn’t tax you to the point of exhaustion.

No one understands what it means to provide your life with variation, more then Myles Haverluck. Being an active father of 3 children, 4 grandchildren and Owner of a Pharmaceutical business, Myles has a clear understanding on what it means to be healthy.  In a professional and spiritual sense, Myles has come to realize that everyone needs a break from reality, and the best way to do that it is through activity. Attending the University of Manitoba, Myles played Intermural football as well as hockey and basketball. He would graduate in 1974 and move to Swan River with his wife Bonnie, where he would have 3 kids and begin his career in pharmacy. In 1979 the family moved to Dauphin and started the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. After having his three daughters Kristen, Brenna and Sara. Myles and Bonnie quickly realized the amount of stress and lack of physical activity that was taking place in their lives. It wasn’t healthy that they had stopped riding their bikes or going on long walks. They knew that this taxing process of raising kids needed to be met with the same level of activity. Not just for Myles and Bonnie but for the sake and health of their entire family.

From a young age Myles introduced his daughters to a number of sports. Soccer and basketball being the favorite amongst the girls, Myles helped to develop their skills and practiced with them as often as he could. Bonnie took the girls on bike rides and often enjoyed long walks through out the neighbour hood. To this day, Myles still likes taking his bike out on long rides all around the Dauphin area.

To escape from their stressful lives, Myles and Bonnie purchased a cottage out in Dauphin Lake where they would take family vacations. The area is beautiful and quiet so the Haverluck family uses this time to be active. Myles and his daughter Sara enjoy fishing and have shared many early morning trips out on the lake, looking for Walleye, Jumbo Perch, Northern Pike and Carp. Another good fishing spot would be at the cabin that the family rents out in Clear Lake. The small town offers nature hikes, a small beach for swimming and bike routes for all level of riders. What Myles and his daughters have enjoyed most about their time in Clear Lake are the rounds played on the local golf course. Brenna and Kristen especially like putting on the greens and trying to get out of sand traps that Myles often lands in.  Myles Haverluck likes spending time on the golf course so much that he has recently taken trips to Scotland and Ireland to play on the legendary greens. The Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Scotland being the favorite amongst his group, with The Royal County Down in Ireland being a close second. When they weren’t on the links they were visiting local restaurants where Myles and his golf buddies got to enjoy some delicious, authentic Irish beer (the part of the trip that Myles misses most).

At the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Myles advocates a healthy routine of moderate exercise to all of the people that walk through his door. After becoming a Certified Orthotic Fitter in 1983, Myles dedicated his time to try and understand the human body on a more physical level.  So when people want to maintain an active lifestyle while living with physical limitations, Myles can provide the right information and advice to make sure that someone can do what they want to do, safely.


When I graduated from DRCSS high school in my home town of Dauphin, I knew very little about who I was, and what I wanted to do with my life. The only things I was sure of was that I loved playing sports and I wanted to help people. I did well in school and found the inner workings of the human body fascinating. Before I made my next move towards securing a career, I needed to lock down and marry the love of my life, Bonnie. In 1969 we were married in our home town of Dauphin in the Anglican Church in front of all our friends and family.  By this time most of my friends had begun University, while I was still unsure about what it is I wanted to do there, I knew that enrolling was an important first step in figuring that out.

I attended the University of Manitoba and soon after my first year I decided to pursue my bachelors in Science in Pharmacy. I enjoyed my studies and was very active on campus. I played a number of sports including hockey, basketball and my favorite, intermural football in which I participated in for 4 of my 5 years. I wish I could say I was an integral player to my team but then I would just be pandering to myself. No matter what the sport was, I gave it my all and contributed as a leader and team player. In my 4th year I was class president of the pharmacy faculty, I took what I had learned about leading on the field and applied it to the classroom. After 5 long years I finally graduated with my Bachelors in Science, making the Deans Honor Role in 1974.

Soon after University Bonnie and I wanted to start a family and knew that I needed to secure our financial future. In 1979 I took the position with the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and began my work. There were many more things I needed to learn and wanted to improve upon in my career. Some of the extra training that I took included becoming a Certified Orthotic Fitter in 1983 as well as a Certified Asthma Educator in 1999. To this day I have a special interest in custom compounding and in 2001 I headed to Houston Texas to improve my skills at the Professional Compounding Centers of America, making the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy a lifetime member of the PCCA.

I have been with the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy for many years now and every day I seem to learn something new about my practice and the people that come in every day. There are always ways to improve yourself and I am on a journey to do so. Since deciding to stay in Dauphin, Bonnie and I have started a lovely family of three daughters named Kristen, Brenna, and Sara. All of which were born in Swan River We now also have four Grandchildren . My family and I have supported the Dauphin community our entire lives by contributing to sports clubs, charities and various other social activities. I myself have joined The Kinsmen Club which helps to raise money for sports teams, kids parks, senior citizens buildings or whatever becomes the communities greatest need.

I maintain an active lifestyle and always keep myself feeling healthy, a way of living I try to instill in my family and patients.  Along with my various physical activities, I also take multivitamins including omega 3,and lots of B Vitamins I recommend taking these vitamins because it is important that a body receive these nutrients and in todays busy world, sometimes it is hard for your body to get what it needs. But don’t expect these magic pills to work on their own. A proper diet and exercise is important if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Currently I work, live and operate in Dauphin. I try not to get too caught up in my work and spend as much time with my family as possible. We love going to Clear Lake during our holidays where we play golf, fish and ride bikes all over the park.  Lake Dauphin is where we go throughout the summer to relax and get away from the stress of the real world. A healthy mind and body are important to sustain who you are as a person.  

February 22, 2017

Health Trends/Vitamins


One thing that Myles and The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy like to instill in their patients is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and one of the ways to achieve this is by taking multivitamins. Along with eating a good diet and exercising on a daily basis, multivitamins can help your body produce the nutrients that the average person might not be able to get in an average day. Now with current farming practices it is more than possible that people aren’t receiving the proper amount of nutrients from their food. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) believes this to be true and suggest that taking multivitamins on daily basis can improve your energy levels, immune system and overall health.

Myles takes a number of multivitamins including, Omega 3 Fish Oil’s that help to improve a person’s mental health and keeps the level of unhealthy fatty acids at a minimum. Calcium supplements with Vitamin D promotes strong bones and provides calcium absorption in your intestine to regulate your bowels. Iron capsules that is critical for the functioning of red blood cells. This is a vitamin that is difficult to find in foods. Myles takes B Complex , Magnesium , Selenium and Chromium every day  Vitamin B3’s can help to better a persons over all health, improve cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks.  While Potassium can be found in many common food, Myles takes many supplements to lower blood pressure and counteract the effects of too much sodium. Myles recommends these vitamins to most people for the positive impacts they can have on most people. Sometimes it is difficult for your body to get the support it needs but by taking multivitamins it can help make a person’s life a little better. But don’t expect these magic pills to work on their own. A proper diet and exercise is important if you want to live a long healthy life. There are certain multivitamins and supplements that have been deemed unnecessary for daily use by many physicians. Myles likes to inform every customer of the positive aspects of every potential vitamin prescription.

February 22, 2017

Dauphin Pharmacy


The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is a staple of the community that has offered quality customer service to the people of Dauphin for over 30 years. Since joining the clinic in 1979, Myles has introduced new practices and methods that the clinic utilizes to this day.  In 2001 Myles attended the Professional Compounding Centres of America in Houston Texas to further his knowledge and better serve the clinics customers. Thanks to Myles’ efforts, the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is now a lifetime member of the PCCA.

Along with being able to customize medication and preparing it according to a doctor’s specifications to meet an individual patient’s needs, the clinic has also introduced several other services that can better serve the people of Dauphin. In 1983 Myles became a Certified Orthotic Fitter that provides a personal service to people who are in need of physical aid or support. Home visits can make all the difference when someone is trying to recover or just getting a grip on a new injury. If someone is too sick to leave their home the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is prepared to make a house call and deliver what ever it is you need to feel better. Not many pharmacies can say that they are that personable and committed to their customers. The clinic and Myles pride themselves on quality customer service. The Customer Loyalty Program is something unique to the clinic and has only recently been implemented but is quickly gaining traction amongst long time customers. The clinic likes to work closely with the Dauphin Regional Health Center to better the lives of their patients. Working together and communicating fully is very important to the hospital and medical staff. On request, we are more than happy to deliver your medication to your bed side if need be. Myles and the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy want to make sure that you receive the utmost care and respect in your recovery.

February 22, 2017

Community Ties in Dauphin


Myles and his wife Bonnie, wanted a way to give back to the Dauphin community. While raising their three daughters Kristen, Brenna and Sara and working full time, the family found it difficult at first to try and better their community. but once Myles joined the Kinsman Club they were finally able to contribute. Being a member of the Kinsmen allowed Myles and his family to donate their time, money and efforts to worthy causes that greatly benefitted the Dauphin community. Myles and Bonnie have organized a number of events, including fun runs, charity dinners and golf tournament fundraisers. On weekends Myles would often bring his daughters to volunteer in preparation for events, allowing them to gain a personal understanding of what it meant to work hard and give back.

Having been part of many athletic teams, Myles likes to donate his money and time to sports teams in the greater Dauphin area. Some causes that Myles has funded and help to raise money for include, providing hockey equipment to young players who can’t afford it, buying jerseys team jerseys and sponsoring away games for youth athletics. Participating in so many sports like football, hockey and basketball Myles gained many important life lessons that are difficult to learn any where else. Myles and his family are more than happy to contribute to these causes, in hopes that these young athletes can experience what Myles was lucky enough to when he was their age.

Myles is also part of The Chamber of Commerce the Economic Development Board and supported senior citizen organizations in Dauphin.  Myles and his associates want to invest time and money into Dauphin and the Parkland area for generations to come. Myles is more then happy to commit his time to this worthy cause. Proof of Myles commitment is the fact that he was presented with the Bowl of Hygeia Award in 2005 for community commitment and recently the Queens Jubilee award from the Canadian government .

February 22, 2017

Professional Accomplishments

After being accepted into the University of Manitoba, Myles decided to focus his studies on Science to better understand the innerworkings of the human body, in order to help people in the future. In his fourth year of University Myles was elected as the President of the Pharmacy Faculty, leading his department to strive for academic and communal excellence. In 1974 Myles graduated University on the Deans Honor Role.

In 1979 Myles began his Pharmaceutical career in his home town of Dauphin, taking residency at The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. Myles was held in high regard when he became one of the youngest pharmacist in the clinics history. Along with his growing knowledge of the industry, Myles wanted to expand his mind and experience everything that he could. In 1983 he became a Certified Orthotic Fitter, a difficult endeavour that included 1,000 hours of orthotic fitting patient care experience in order to receive the certificate. As well as becoming a Certified Asthma Educator (CRE) in 1999. Since joining the clinic Myles developed a strong interest in custom compounding, a practice in which a customized medication is prepared by a pharmacist according to a doctor’s specifications to meet an individual patient’s need. He achieved his goal to become a Professional Compounding Specialist by visiting Houston Texas in 2001 to the Professional Compounding Centres of America. Thanks to Myles’ efforts, this difficult feat has now branded the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy as a lifetime member of the PCCA. Myles continues to better himself in his role at the clinic and is always looking to improve his skills.

February 22, 2017


Before Myles decided to attend University, he wanted to lock down his high school sweet heart and love of his life, Bonnie. In 1969 the couple was married in their home town of Dauphin. The wedding took place in the Anglican Church, amongst all of their happy family and friends. Myles decided to attend the University of Manitoba, to work towards a Science degree. Myles and Bonnie moved to the city while he studied and played football. With the motivation to secure a career for his new family’s future, Myles worked hard for 5 years to graduate on the Deans Honor Role in 1974 with his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy  

Soon after University Myles and Bonnie decided to move back home to Dauphin. They bought a home  and began planning their future. In 1979, Myles took on The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and began his work. They started their family with their first daughter Kristen, then came Sara and soon after their third daughter Brenna, arrived to the family. Having three daughters, all born around the same time was difficult for the young couple, but Myles and Bonnie were strong and were prepared for anything. All three daughters were born in Swan River and would all eventually go to the same DRCSS High School that their parents attended. While living their lives in Dauphin, Myles and his family contributed and donated their time to a number of causes that bettered their community. Myles joined the Kinsmen Club which helps to raise money for sports teams, kid’s parks, and senior citizen developments.Myles was also very involved with the  Chamber of Commerce and The Economic Development Board. , Bonnie and their daughters volunteered where they could, in order to serve their community. To this day, the family maintains an active lifestyle, joining each other on family walks, holidays and other venturous activities. While Myles likes to keep busy and serve the people of Dauphin, he is not afraid to take some holiday time with his family to some of their favorite get away spots like, Clear Lake as well as their family cottage in Lake Dauphin.


School Education

Myles grew up in Dauphin, graduating from DRCSS High School in 1969. After marrying the love of his life Bonnie, he decided to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Science at the University of Manitoba. While Myles enjoyed his time learning and excelling in academics, he also participated in a number of clubs and athletic groups. Some sports that Myles played during his time in University were basketball, hockey and most importantly football, the sport that Myles enjoyed the most. Intermural Football was the sport he dedicated himself to and participated in for 4 of the 5 years he attended University. While on the field Myles learned to be a team player, and eventually a leader. These experiences would later translate to when he would be nominated as Class President of The Pharmacy Faculty in his fourth year. Applying what he had learned on the field as a team player, he used to motivate and lead his faculty to excellence. Along with football, Myles enjoyed participating in fundraisers and social groups including The University of Manitoba Athletic Commission (UMAC), organizing events and contributing to charities and facilities across Manitoba. While Myles pursued his degree, he knew he wanted to do 2 things. Provide for his new family and help people along the way. After 5 years of University, in 1974 Myles graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, as well as making the Deans List.

Myles and his wife Bonnie decided to move back home to Dauphin, where Myles began his career at The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy in 1979. Although his education didn’t end there. Myles wanted to further his knowledge and better himself as a pharmacist. In 1983 he became a Certified Orthotic Fitter in 1983 as well as a Certified Asthma Educator in 1999. Myles interests in custom compounding lead to Houston Texas in 2001 where he hoped to improve his skills at the Professional Compounding Centers of America. Soon he completed his training, making the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy a lifetime member of the PCCA.