Myles Haverluck

Your friendly Dauphin pharmacist.

February 22, 2017

Community Ties in Dauphin

Myles and his wife Bonnie, wanted a way to give back to the Dauphin community. While raising their three daughters Kristen, Brenna and Sara and working full time, the family found it difficult at first to try and better their community. but once Myles joined the Kinsman Club they were finally able to contribute. Being a member of the Kinsmen allowed Myles and his family to donate their time, money and efforts to worthy causes that greatly benefitted the Dauphin community. Myles and Bonnie have organized a number of events, including fun runs, charity dinners and golf tournament fundraisers. On weekends Myles would often bring his daughters to volunteer in preparation for events, allowing them to gain a personal understanding of what it meant to work hard and give back.

Having been part of many athletic teams, Myles likes to donate his money and time to sports teams in the greater Dauphin area. Some causes that Myles has funded and help to raise money for include, providing hockey equipment to young players who can’t afford it, buying jerseys team jerseys and sponsoring away games for youth athletics. Participating in so many sports like football, hockey and basketball Myles gained many important life lessons that are difficult to learn any where else. Myles and his family are more than happy to contribute to these causes, in hopes that these young athletes can experience what Myles was lucky enough to when he was their age.

Myles is also part of The Chamber of Commerce the Economic Development Board and supported senior citizen organizations in Dauphin.  Myles and his associates want to invest time and money into Dauphin and the Parkland area for generations to come. Myles is more then happy to commit his time to this worthy cause. Proof of Myles commitment is the fact that he was presented with the Bowl of Hygeia Award in 2005 for community commitment and recently the Queens Jubilee award from the Canadian government .

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