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February 23, 2017

Life can be Taxing

It is a busy world we live. We break ourselves trying to navigate through the morning grind and then push each other even further after work to make sure the kids get to soccer practice, and all the chores around the house are done. Some days are easier then others, like when the monotony is broken up by a variant activity that allows a person to forget that their lives are comparable to a hamster running on a wheel going no where. That’s why its important to not make your life so tedious. If tomorrow appears to just be a repeat of the previous day, maybe that’s the day you should do something else? Something that takes away the stress and doesn’t tax you to the point of exhaustion.

No one understands what it means to provide your life with variation, more then Myles Haverluck. Being an active father of 3 children, 4 grandchildren and Owner of a Pharmaceutical business, Myles has a clear understanding on what it means to be healthy.  In a professional and spiritual sense, Myles has come to realize that everyone needs a break from reality, and the best way to do that it is through activity. Attending the University of Manitoba, Myles played Intermural football as well as hockey and basketball. He would graduate in 1974 and move to Swan River with his wife Bonnie, where he would have 3 kids and begin his career in pharmacy. In 1979 the family moved to Dauphin and started the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. After having his three daughters Kristen, Brenna and Sara. Myles and Bonnie quickly realized the amount of stress and lack of physical activity that was taking place in their lives. It wasn’t healthy that they had stopped riding their bikes or going on long walks. They knew that this taxing process of raising kids needed to be met with the same level of activity. Not just for Myles and Bonnie but for the sake and health of their entire family.

From a young age Myles introduced his daughters to a number of sports. Soccer and basketball being the favorite amongst the girls, Myles helped to develop their skills and practiced with them as often as he could. Bonnie took the girls on bike rides and often enjoyed long walks through out the neighbour hood. To this day, Myles still likes taking his bike out on long rides all around the Dauphin area.

To escape from their stressful lives, Myles and Bonnie purchased a cottage out in Dauphin Lake where they would take family vacations. The area is beautiful and quiet so the Haverluck family uses this time to be active. Myles and his daughter Sara enjoy fishing and have shared many early morning trips out on the lake, looking for Walleye, Jumbo Perch, Northern Pike and Carp. Another good fishing spot would be at the cabin that the family rents out in Clear Lake. The small town offers nature hikes, a small beach for swimming and bike routes for all level of riders. What Myles and his daughters have enjoyed most about their time in Clear Lake are the rounds played on the local golf course. Brenna and Kristen especially like putting on the greens and trying to get out of sand traps that Myles often lands in.  Myles Haverluck likes spending time on the golf course so much that he has recently taken trips to Scotland and Ireland to play on the legendary greens. The Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Scotland being the favorite amongst his group, with The Royal County Down in Ireland being a close second. When they weren’t on the links they were visiting local restaurants where Myles and his golf buddies got to enjoy some delicious, authentic Irish beer (the part of the trip that Myles misses most).

At the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Myles advocates a healthy routine of moderate exercise to all of the people that walk through his door. After becoming a Certified Orthotic Fitter in 1983, Myles dedicated his time to try and understand the human body on a more physical level.  So when people want to maintain an active lifestyle while living with physical limitations, Myles can provide the right information and advice to make sure that someone can do what they want to do, safely.

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