Myles Haverluck

Your friendly Dauphin pharmacist.

February 21, 2017


Myles grew up in Dauphin, graduating from DRCSS High School in 1969. After marrying the love of his life Bonnie, he decided to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Science at the University of Manitoba. While Myles enjoyed his time learning and excelling in academics, he also participated in a number of clubs and athletic groups. Some sports that Myles played during his time in University were basketball, hockey and most importantly football, the sport that Myles enjoyed the most. Intermural Football was the sport he dedicated himself to and participated in for 4 of the 5 years he attended University. While on the field Myles learned to be a team player, and eventually a leader. These experiences would later translate to when he would be nominated as Class President of The Pharmacy Faculty in his fourth year. Applying what he had learned on the field as a team player, he used to motivate and lead his faculty to excellence. Along with football, Myles enjoyed participating in fundraisers and social groups including The University of Manitoba Athletic Commission (UMAC), organizing events and contributing to charities and facilities across Manitoba. While Myles pursued his degree, he knew he wanted to do 2 things. Provide for his new family and help people along the way. After 5 years of University, in 1974 Myles graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, as well as making the Deans List.

Myles and his wife Bonnie decided to move back home to Dauphin, where Myles began his career at The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy in 1979. Although his education didn’t end there. Myles wanted to further his knowledge and better himself as a pharmacist. In 1983 he became a Certified Orthotic Fitter in 1983 as well as a Certified Asthma Educator in 1999. Myles interests in custom compounding lead to Houston Texas in 2001 where he hoped to improve his skills at the Professional Compounding Centers of America. Soon he completed his training, making the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy a lifetime member of the PCCA.

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