Myles Haverluck

Your friendly Dauphin pharmacist.

February 22, 2017


Before Myles decided to attend University, he wanted to lock down his high school sweet heart and love of his life, Bonnie. In 1969 the couple was married in their home town of Dauphin. The wedding took place in the Anglican Church, amongst all of their happy family and friends. Myles decided to attend the University of Manitoba, to work towards a Science degree. Myles and Bonnie moved to the city while he studied and played football. With the motivation to secure a career for his new family’s future, Myles worked hard for 5 years to graduate on the Deans Honor Role in 1974 with his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy  

Soon after University Myles and Bonnie decided to move back home to Dauphin. They bought a home  and began planning their future. In 1979, Myles took on The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and began his work. They started their family with their first daughter Kristen, then came Sara and soon after their third daughter Brenna, arrived to the family. Having three daughters, all born around the same time was difficult for the young couple, but Myles and Bonnie were strong and were prepared for anything. All three daughters were born in Swan River and would all eventually go to the same DRCSS High School that their parents attended. While living their lives in Dauphin, Myles and his family contributed and donated their time to a number of causes that bettered their community. Myles joined the Kinsmen Club which helps to raise money for sports teams, kid’s parks, and senior citizen developments.Myles was also very involved with the  Chamber of Commerce and The Economic Development Board. , Bonnie and their daughters volunteered where they could, in order to serve their community. To this day, the family maintains an active lifestyle, joining each other on family walks, holidays and other venturous activities. While Myles likes to keep busy and serve the people of Dauphin, he is not afraid to take some holiday time with his family to some of their favorite get away spots like, Clear Lake as well as their family cottage in Lake Dauphin.

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